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Your tp-link extender setup process is quite easy and simple. Tp link extenders have a really  straightforward and appropriate web interface helps you in configuring and boosting the repeater. It is built in access mode. This permits all your devices – computers, tablets, smartphones, and connected devices in outlets and appliances – to use the network connection. TP-link repeater extends Wi-Fi coverage 360 degree into your home or office. It will destroy the dead spot at your location.


How to setup Tp link extender

Using manual method

Follow the given steps to sigh-in your Tp-link extender setup:

  1. Unbox your Tp-link extender.
  2. Plug your booster in the wall socket.
  3. Grab a smart device.
  4. Open any web browser.
  5. Go to the address bar and type  
  6. Then hit the login button.

If you are not able to setup your Tp link extender by manual method, you can also setup your Tp-link repeater with WPS. Now we will share the detailed instructions to do the Tp-link extender setup using WPS.

How to set up a tp-link extender using the WPS method ?

To finalize the Tp-link extender setup using the wireless protected setup method (WPS method). WPS method allows you to connect your devices via WiFi to your router. By using the WPS method your router will easily connect to other devices. The WPS method is secure and simple to do.

To setup your Tp-link extender follow the given below setup steps:

  1. Firstly, turn on your Tp-link extender.
  2. Then place your Tp Link WiFi booster closer to your existing router.
  3. Then hold the WPS button on the Tp-Link booster.
  4. At the same time press the same WPS button on the main router also.
  5. Hold on till the device gets connected, if still having issues then click
  6. Once complete then the LED turns to solid on the Tp Link repeater.
  7. Now just simply connect to your repeater using the default username and password.
  8. Finally your Tp Link booster setup is successfully complete.
TPlink extender setup Re450

If you get stuck at any setup step then simply connect with our knowledgeable technician who are one call away from you they are providing a better solution to your problem.You can also set your extender using tether app.

How to setup a Tp link extender using Tp link tether app ?

Tether app is the platform where you connect your device with extender.To link your mobile device to your Tp-link repeater. Then follow the given steps. This is available for both  iOS devices and android .

Here are some procedure to set up to your Tp-link extender using tether app:

  1. Turn on your Tp-link extender.
  2. Verify your phone is connected to the network.
  3. Download the latest tether app.
  4. Get started with the tether app on your device.
  5. Create a Tp-link account 
  6. Then you have to follow the onscreen instruction to set up your Tp-link extender.
tp-link extender setup

Tp link extender login

On this page we will discuss how to login into the Tp-link extender. Follow the given below  steps: 

  1. Turn on your PC or laptop.
  2. Open any internet browser.
  3. And write or
  4. Use the default username and password.
  5. Then, tap on the login button.
  6. After that you successfully logged in so now you can Install youe Linksys extender by following these simple steps.
  7. This is an easy and simple way to login. On this blog we will share the instructions to reset your TP-link repeater.

Tp link extender reset

In case your Tp-link repeater is not working properly then you have to reset your TPlink booster. A hard reset enhances your device performance.

Here we are mentioning some steps to reset your Tp-link repeater:

  1. Firstly, turn on your Tp-link extender. 
  2. Find the reset button on the extender.
  3. Push the reset button for two seconds by using pin or paper clip
  4. After that, LED lights are flashing.
  5. Then Release the reset button.
  6. Then, the lights are flashing.
  7. Means your Tp-link reset is complete.

If you get stuck or confused in any step don’t worry we will guide you to solve your issues simply connect with our technical experts.  In case your Tp-link extender is not working properly, then you should have to update your Tp-link firmware using tether app.

reset tp-link setup
tp link firmware update

How to upgrade Tp link extender firmware using tether app ?

Firmware is a combination of software and hardware. In case your Tp-link working performance is bad or not providing better internet speed. Then you have to simply reset your Tp-link repeater. Firmware enhances your extender performance. You can easily upgrade your firmware using the tether app.

Follow the instruction to update Tp-link repeater firmware:

  1. Tp link repeater should be pluged in to power socket
  2. Grab any smart device like mobile or tablet.
  3. Open the play store on your device.
  4. If you have an ios supported device then open the app store.
  5. Then, download the Tether app from the play store or app store.
  6. And fill up your information on the extender.
  7. Hit on the settings and tap on the Tp link firmware update.
  8. After that your Tp-link extender will start rebooting with the latest firmware.

If you find any issue while updating your Tp-link firmware, you can easily contact our experts via live chat or call. They will help you with better solutions.

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