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Netgear WN3500RP Setup

Netgear WN3500RP N600 WiFi Range Extender Setup not only improves your dual-band WiFi but also lets you stream songs to a wired speaker using Airplay or DLNA. You can also connect your printer to the USB port and use AirPrint to print wirelessly from your iPhone or iPad. You can also connect 1 wired computer, such as Smart TVs, game consoles, to your wireless network.

Netgear Genie Setup

Netgear WN3500RP N600 Setup Manual Process

Follow these steps:

Netgear Extender Setup


  • Power on your Netgear N600 WN3500RP Extender and wait for the LED status to turn green.
  • Open a web browser on your machine. The browser should take you directly to the Netgear Genie Setup Guide on-screen. You can also access Netgear WN3500RP Setup by entering in the URL bar of your browser.
  • Pick the name of your current wireless network that you want to enhance and press Continue.
  • Enter the router key or the passphrase and press Proceed.
  • If your wireless network does not appear, please check to make sure that your extension is within the wireless range of your main network.
  • Wait 2 minutes and your device will be disconnected from the wireless network automatically.
  • Once you’ve successfully linked your wireless computer/device to your network, go back to the Genie Extender screen.
  • If you see the ‘congrats’ page, your Extender will now be installed successfully. Click Finish to close the Netgear N600 WN3500RP Setup Settings tab.

By following the same path, you’re going to be able to improve WiFi in your home or company. If you still have a hard time during Netgear Extender Setup, you can get advice from our experts.

Firmware Update

Netgear Extender Firmware is a series of instructions built into your hardware computer. Netgear extender firmware, speaking in the language of the layman, is basically an operating system expressly designed to operate on the quantity of your unique make and model extender.So, make sure you’ve got the new firmware update on your extender. Here’s how to update the firmware of Netgear WN3500RP Setup:

  • First and foremost, switch on the Netgear N600 WN3500RP WiFi Extender.
  • Link your router to the extender.
  • When done, open a web browser as you choose.
  • Enter in the address bar and press the enter key.
  • Use your username and password to connect to your extender.
  • Go to the Settings menu and select the Firmware Update button.
  • Then press the Review button.
  • If a new firmware update is available, press the Yes button to upgrade the firmware.
  • Now, wait a while and let the Netgear WN3500RP Setup firmware update properly.

This is it! Feel free to contact the experts in case of any difficulties or just call +1-888-399-2027.

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