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Netgear EX6920 Setup

How to install Netgear EX6920 AC1200 Range Extender Setup

Learn how to setup Netgear EX6920 with the Manuals configuration:

1. Firstly, place your wifi booster near your existing WiFi Router during Netgear EX1200 setup.
2. Then, connect the extender to a wall socket.
3. Make certain that your laptop or smartphone is not linked to your WiFi network. If your device is already linked, please remove it because you may not be able to connect to the reapeater using this method.
4. Attach your current wifi router to the EX6920 extender.
5. Navigate to the default web address and enter your username and password.
6. Now, proceed with the setup of your extender by following the on-screen guidelines.

Using the similar steps outlined above, you will be able to quickly increase the range of your wifi at home or at work./

How to setup Netgear Ex6920 wifi extender using the WPS Method (WI-FI Protected Setup)

Follow the instructions below to set up your Netgear EX6920 range booster using the WPS button:

1. Switch on the wi-fi range extender.
2. Put your regular wifi router and range booster in the same room.
3. After that, plug your booster into an electric socket.
4. Wait for the power LED to turn green.
5. Now, on the Netgear EX6920, hit the WPS button.
6. If the wifi extender link status LED is white, the connection between your
existing wi-fi router and extender is likely to be stable.
7. Now, you can transfer your extender to a different location.
8. Move your Wi-Fi-enabled devices, such as a laptop or phone, to an area where
wi-fi router coverage is low.
9. Attach your Wi-Fi Enabled device, such as a laptop or phone, to a home
network with a longer range.

Netgear EX6920 AC1200 | Firmware update

1. To begin, power on your Ex6920 WiFi Range Extender.
2. Link the range booster to your existing router.
3. After that, open your preferred internet web browser that is up to date.
4. In the URL address column type the default page address and hit the
enter button
5. Enter your username and password into the range extender admin panel.
6. Proceed to the device’s settings list and select the firmware update option
7. Finally, click the check option there.
8. When an updated version is available, it will advise you to proceed. So, click the yes
button to continue with the firmware update.
9. Now, wait a few minutes for your Netgear EX6920 device to completely upgrade the

Netgear EX6920 Extender | Features

NETGEAR is renowned worldwide for the variety of highly powerful user extensions it offers. One of them is the Netgear EX6920- AC1200 WiFi range extender setup. 

  • Capable of delivering up to 1200 Mbps AC dual-band WiFi signal.
  • Capable of any router to operate with.
  • Its dual-band feature makes it suitable for streaming HD videos and games.
  • Its key appeal is scale. It is the smallest AC1200 WiFi Range Extender in the world.
  • Can function both in the mode of extender and access point
  • Suitable for using technology from Fastlane. In turn, this increases the streaming speed of videos
  • Take advantage of external customizable antennas.
  • You don’t need any CDs to mount the Netgear EX6920 Setup.

Using the WiFi Analytics App to verify the signal intensity

It is often recommended for the user to mount a new extender setup in the home network only if he/she finds a dead/blind spot issue in the network. If you want to measure the signal strength you get, then using the WiFi Analytics Software is the best option for you. This NETGEAR app comes with many other features, such as knowing your home network status, testing the strength of the WiFi signal, and many other options for which you need to explore the app.

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