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Netgear EAX12 setup

Let’s take a look at the Netgear EAX12 AX1600 wifi mesh extender, which delivers excellent coverage throughout your home or business. It has a maximum speed of 1.6 Gbps and a coverage area of 1200 square feet, which helps to eliminate interference and turn dead zones in your home or business into fun zones. It works with any wireless router or cable modem. After you finish the Netgear EAX12 setup, you will be able to connect up to 15 smart devices to it.

Follow these steps to configure your Netgear EAX12:

  • Connect your EAX12 and turn it on.
  • Put the AX1600 and router in the same room.
  • Navigate to using any web browser.
  • The Netgear installation assistant can be seen on your screen.
  • Follow the steps to complete the setup process.
  • If the LEDs on your EAX12 turn solid green, you have completed the setup process successfully.
  • You can now unplug your AX1600 and reconnect it to the desired position.

That is how you may manually finalize the Netgear EAX12 setup process. Don’t be concerned if you are unable to manually do Netgear extender setup. We will show you how to set up your booster in less than two minutes.

Netgear EAX12 setup

WPS setup for the Netgear EAX12.

Let’s start with the simplest and quickest way to install your extender, which is the wireless secured setup (WPS). The Netgear EAX12 WPS setup takes less than two minutes. In this operation, you will only need to push a small WPS button on the side panel of your AX1600.

Follow these steps to configure Netgear EAX12 via WPS:

  • Make sure your EAX12 is turned on.
  • The booster should be installed close to the existing router.
  • When the power LED becomes solid green.
  • Locate and push the WPS button on the AX1600.
  • Also, on the standard wifi device, push the WPS button.
  • Wait for your booster’s LEDs to turn solid green.
  • The installation procedure is now complete.

That’s how we can complete the Netgear EAX 12 setup in a matter of minutes using wireless protected setup (WPS). In the next article, we’ll go over how to upgrade the firmware on your wifi range extender.

Firmware update for Netgear EAX12

Firmware update refers to the process of updating the most recent version of the firmware file, which includes new security features and other new features provided by Netgear from time to time. After you upgrade the Netgear EAX12 firmware, you will be able to solve faults and improve the performance of your AX1600.

Follow these procedures to upgrade the Netgear EAX12 firmware:

  • Start your Netgear EAX12.
  • Take any wifi-enabled smart device.
  • Navigate to using any web browser.
  • Log in to your Netgear EAX12 using your customized information.
  • Tap on the firmware upgrade after opening settings.
  • While the update is running, do not disconnect your AX1600.

That is how you may update your extender’s firmware to the most recent version and improve its performance. The factory reset procedure will be covered in the following blog.

firmware update for Netgear extender
Netgear EAX12 reset

How can I Reset the Netgear EAX12?

Factory reset is the process that is supposed to be performed in the majority of circumstances when a user forgets his or her password and wishes to recover it. You will need a paperclip or toothpick to reset the Netgear EAX12. After you execute the factory reset, it will immediately wipe all of your personal information, such as your password, username, and SSID, and prepare your extender for the fresh Netgear EAX12 setup procedure.

The following are the procedures to resetting the Netgear EAX12:

  • Connect your Netgear EAX12 to a power outlet.
  • Take any sharply pointed object, such as a paperclip or a toothpick.
  • Locate the factory reset button and press it with a toothpick for 8-10 seconds.
  • It will automatically reboot after a minute and is now ready for the fresh setup process.

That concludes the Netgear EAX12 reset procedure. If you need help with any of the steps, please contact us via our toll-free hotline or live chat. Our crew is always ready to help you at any moment.

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